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Personal Achievements

1st Place Rossi Grand Prix 2015
Top 10 at IBFF World Championships (Slovenia 2015)
Provincial 7's and 15's Rugby Player 2005 - 2012
I’m a 26 year old South African / Italian with a massive passion for anything relating to human anatomy and physiology, hence my obsession with bodybuilding and pushing the human form to its limits. My passion flows through my coaching and my hunt for perfection of the human form is put in place with each and every client I work with.
I am a chiropractor, sport therapist and online aesthetics coach focussing on fitness, bodybuilding and bikini fitness athletes. I was previously a provincial 7’s and rugby player so my athletic background is in endurance sport. I have been in the fitness industry as a coach for 2 years and as an athlete myself I have been competing for a year now. I won my first competition in South Africa, the Rossi Grand Prix, and placed in the top 10 in my second competition in Slovenia at the IBFF World Championships.
My goal as a trainer and coach is to bring the absolute best out of each and every individual that trusts me with their journey. As an athlete myself, I know what it takes and what it feels like to go through the prep for a show, the ups and the downs of each phase of the bodybuilding process. I love this industry, and I plan on becoming a force to be reckoned with, both on and off stage.
My passion for this sport is unrivaled and it just grows every day.

Online and Personal Training

One of a kind training system built from the ground up based entirely on you, designed specifically to your specific needs and requirements. The plan includes diet and nutritional information, full training protocols and gym programs, supplement and vitamin advise and support as well as a direct line of communication to your coach via a mobile application with 24/7 support. The application will also track your progress and map your training at the click of a button, so you can see just how far you have come at the click of a button. This allows me to track your progress and make the necessary changes to your plan.

Online Coaching

R2500 per Month

One on one training

Single session

R450 per hour

Monthly Packages: Includes Online Coaching Free of Charge

2 sessions per week - R 3600/month
3 sessions a week - R 5400/month
4 sessions a week - R 7200/month
5 sessions a week - R 9000/month

Sport Massage

R400 per session


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"The most important thing is this: To be able at any moment, To sacrifice what you are, For what you will become!"

There was a young man who, you know, He wanted to make a lot of money And so he went to this Guru, right.
And he told the Guru, “You know I wanna be on the same level you’re on.”
And so The Guru said, “If you wanna be on the same level I’m on, I’ll meet tomorrow, At the beach, at 4 AM.”
He’s like, “The beach? I said I wanna make money. I don’t wanna swim.”
Guru said, “If you wanna make money, I’ll meet you tomorrow. 4 AM.”
So the young man got there 4 AM. He all ready to rock n’ roll. Got on a suit. Should have worn shorts.
The old man grabs his hand and said, “How bad do you wanna be successful?”
He said, “Real bad”. [The Guru] He said, “Walk on out in the water.” So he walks out into the water.
Watch this. When he walks out into the water it goes waist deep.
So he’s like, “This guy crazy. I wanna make money and he got me out here swimming. I didn’t ask to be a lifeguard. I wanna make money.”
So he [The Guru] said, “Come out a little further.” [He] walked out a little further.
Then he had it right around this area, The shoulder area.
“So this old man crazy. He making money, But he crazy.”
So he [The Guru] said, “Come on out a little further.”
He came out a little further, It was right at his mouth, My man like, “I’m not about to go back in. This guy out of his mind.”
So the old man said, “I thought you said you wanted to be successful?”
He said, “I do.” He [The Guru] said, “Walk a little further.”
He came, Dropped his head in, Held him down, Hold him down, My man getting scratchy, Holding him down, He [The Guru] had him held down, Just before my man was about to pass out, He [The Guru] raised him up.
He [The Guru] said, “I got a question for you.” He [The Guru] said, “When you were underwater, what did you want to do?”
He said, “I wanted to breathe.”
He [The Guru] told the guy; He [The Guru] said, “When you want to succeed, As bad as you want to breathe, Then you’ll be successful.”
– Eric Thomas, Secrets To Success

I will succeed because I understand that there is always someone on my heels!!! There is always someone with more talent, there is always someone hungry to take what I have, so where is that differentiating factor?? It's within, it's in your mind. If you're number one you've got to act act like you're number two, trying to get there. These people are relentless, you are always replaceable. In your office, on the stage, in your work place and every year i'll always tell you, there is always going to be someone with more ability, more talent, more privilege, so where is your competitive edge??? Its up to you to muster it up, and revisit your past where you weren't the top dog, revisit that pain, check yourself for that hunger, and deliver it from the inside out, out think them, outsmart them, outwork them, I WILL NOT BE OUTWORKED. PERIOD!!!!